An ad-free social network where people are the customer, not the product

We're building an ethical social network where friends and family can share their life with each other, not advertisers.

Your personal data is secure

We don't sell your data to advertisers. Anything you post is seen only by those you allow to see it. Your data is yours to take with you and download whenever you want, and will be permanently purged if you delete your account.

Time well-spent

Our goal is to show you the updates you want to see, then let you get out there and live your life. We will never fill your feed with endless content or bombard you with useless notifications in an attempt to keep you addicted and scrolling.

Choose your audience

Share your life with those closest to you, without broadcasting every detail to everyone. Choose your audience and which messages they see. The closest people in your life get to see it all; the others see less.

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